Windows Installer v (Dec 23-2020)

Bugs: BLOB format (BLB)
Updated functionality: Sorter updated; improve support for the BLOB format
New functionality: BLB encoding & operator
APIs Documentation:

v (Aug 02-2019)
Bugs: transposeTable; mapper rendering; selectBoundary; unallocated layers;layer stats; linear trend; Tools; support GRD file format; GRIDs frequency command
Updated functionality: improved performance; GUI; gridToNetwork; tables
New functionality: mergeGrids; tools.findReplace
APIs Documentation:

v (Feb 02-2017)
Bugs: Color Scheme; Color Scale; Layers tree; selection in tables
APIs: center of mass
Updated functionality: improved GUI; Color Scheme; Layer Properties; network indexation; pearsonXcorrelation
New functionality: Check version update; Grid topology
APIs Documentation:

v (October 31-2016)
Bugs: loopNetIDWresiduals; tableStats; dataAggregation; linearTrend; SpearmanTest
Updated functionality: Tables; Figures; extractTimeSeries
New functionality: preWhitening; Table Edit
APIs Documentation:

v (April 08-2016)
Bugs: Tables; downScaleGrid; releasePits; jointTable; data agregation
Updated functionality: pits parallelization
New functionality: subBasins; Tools; selectByPolygon; drag and drop files
APIs Documentation:

v (November 29-2015)
Bugs: GUI; Figures
APIs: releasePits -> pitRelease
Updated functionality: GUI updated; downScaleGrid; Frequency; clipper; Working Directory; console
New functionality: cellNetwork; drawCellNetwork; watershedDelineation
APIs Documentation:

v (September 10-2015)
Bugs: clipByRectangle
Updated functionality: GUI updated;
New functionality: non-geolocated tables; Pits-Pools analysis; Downward tracking; Watershed delineation; Pits release; tableToGrid; trunCells
APIs Documentation: updated

v (August 11-2015)
Bugs: BindTimeSeries; Frequency; centroid; mInertia; conditional Freq.; expandSelected; Time Series Generator; Color Scale
APIs: SelectTimeSeries {set}; addGridLayer
Updated functionality: SelectTimeSeries {set -> file}; Figures OPT; selectInLayer; gridToGridLookupTable; netToGridIDW
New functionality: transposeTable
APIs Documentation: updated

v (Mar 24-2014)
Bugs: Spearman test; unboundNode; projectGrid; tableOperator; color Bar; NetToGridLookupTable; Mapper
APIs: integration behaviour; subGrid -> subtractGrid
Updated functionality: console; INFO; downScaleGrid {avg max min}; ToolBox
New functionality: Frequency (grids); Clipper; Scan for pits; ToolBox

v (Aug 16-2013)
Bugs: color scheme; time series aggregator
Updated functionality: console; network sites size
New functionality: batch execution, save console

v (Jul 28-2013)
Bugs: Tree nodes; table plot; NetFrequency; table scrolling; grid local color scale, copy-grid; color scheme; Project folder
APIs: T-test, F-test, command line, subGrids
Updated functionality: Spearman, Pettitt
New functionality: grid dynamic-layer

v 0.2.2(May 24-2013)
Bugs: several bugs fixed. Also, memory leak, netfrequency, tree nodes
APIs: double mass, spearman trend analysis, pettitt, append to table, join tables
Updated functionality: figures GUI, color scales (local, layer and global), data metric, select by time, non-in-network site identification, bar figure, join tables, Figures font size, Figures optional line, Select time series by label
New functionality: Skewness and kurtosis, double mass figure, grid extraction

v 0.2.1(Mar 17-2013)

v 0.1.15 (Feb 14-2013)

v 0.1.14 (Feb 11-2013)

v 0.1.13 (Feb 06-2013)

v 0.1.12 (Jan 31-2013)

v 0.1.11 (Jan 22-2013)

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